Shopping in Toronto

Yonge-Eglinton Centre
Just a short distance from the Toronto Convention Centre is the Yonge-Eglinton Centre. This Midtown shopping area is popular with locals and visitors alike. Although there are a limited number of upscale establishments, the Yonge-Eglinton Centre is ideal for those who want to buy food, clothing, home goods, electronics or affordable souvenirs of their trip. It is easily accessible through the metro at the Eglinton subway station.

This incredible shopping destination is truly unlike anything else in the world. The whole shopping centre is underground and consists of more than 17 miles of walkable shopping arcades. Over four million feet of retail space links some of the major tourism destinations in Toronto with one another, and it also connects to the public transport stations throughout the city. The southernmost entrance to the PATH shopping center in the city is through the Toronto Convention Centre in the Downtown district of Toronto. With over 1,000 stores and retailers, the PATH shopping complex is one of the top destinations in the city.

Toronto Eaton Centre
This is the largest shopping mall in Toronto and is a popular shop for local residents as well as international visitors. Nearly 300 stores offer primarily clothing, accessories, electronics and home goods. Of particular interest in the Toronto Eaton Centre is the flock of fiberglass geese, a Canadian symbol, that hang suspended from the ceiling. The Toronto Eaton Centre is located in Dundas Square along with several other smaller shopping complexes.

St. Lawrence Market
This large outdoor and covered market is located at the corner of Jarvis and Front Street in downtown Toronto. Just a short walk from the Toronto Convention Centre, the St. Lawrence Market is one of the largest and most impressive food markets in the world. Food enthusiasts from across the globe stop here for organic local fruits and vegetables, fresh meats, artisan cheeses and homemade desserts. Precooked foods are also available ready to eat for a quick snack or a meal on the go.

Gerrard India Bazaar
In Toronto's East End district is a vibrant and exciting market called the Gerrard India Bazaar. Located at Coxwell and Gerrard, this incredible bazaar is full of traditional Indian foods, handmade crafts, dyed silks and saris and beautiful jewelry. The most popular items are the small wooden souvenirs and the piles of brightly colored and affordable bangles offered by dozens of vendors within the bazaar.